Custom eyes

Losing an eye is a traumatic experience, whether through trauma, pathological or congenital reasons, leading a normal life thereafter may seem to most to be impossible. Our chief skill is our ability to create a natural look to the eye and perfectly match the colour of the iris, shape,as ,much movement as possible and any other anomaly to maintain a natural look. Many of our patients may only need a cosmetic Scleral lens to hide a damaged or unsightly eye. This process takes time to ensure that our patients are fully satisfied with the end result and this has been greatly appreciated.

The custom-made prosthesis is based on an impression that we take of the socket. This allows for the best possible fit and ensures the maximum amount of movement. It is important to note that there will only be movement if the socket allows for it. We have a very good record for obtaining very realistic results. We use varied painting techniques, adapted for each and every individual. We create an anterior chamber with a 3-Dimensional look. We also use a technique to simulate a dilated pupil.

Many of our skills have been honed by the fact that we attend international conventions and workshops abroad annually, as well as locally, visiting leading Ocularists around the globe.  We believe we use the best manufacturing techniques available, ensuring a stunning outcome. This is also very important for obtaining the latest products on the market and sharing with our patients the experiences of others globally.

We also specialise in paediatric fitting.  From no less than 40 joint years of experience, parents ourselves, we fit very young children with little to no stress and with exceptional results.  See our testimonial page