When a patient is born without an eye it is referred to as Anophthalmos. At times Bi-lateral anophthalmos may exist, when the patient has been born without either eyes.

Pasient 4

This young lady was born with a conditon whereby her eyes did not develop.   Due to circumstances, she was not fitted with any retainer prostheses or orbital implant expanders at a young age.  At the age of 21 she was fitted with her first pair of prostheses.  She will be seeing Vida and Danie for follow up visits during the course of the year to expand her sockets using the custom-made prostheses.  It may take longer but hopefully she will have a satisfactory result without the aid of surgery.  Currently she is comfortable and very  happy with her "new look".

Patient 10

This young chap was born on 23 May 1994 in Paarl Medi Clinic, without a left eye. This abnormality could not be seen on the sonar's that were taken during my pregnancy, a blood test could also not trace it to a genetic problem.

The Pediatrician referred us to Prof. Meyer at Tygerberg Hospital, my son was only 5 months old. They did a sonar of the eye, as well as a physical examination. Prof. Meyer then referred us to Vida Trumpelmann for further assistance. 

She was very professional and made us, as well as my son, feel at ease with what was going to happen, she explained everything in detail as to what she was going to do and why. He received his first conformer at five months of age and after that regular visits to Vida followed. 

He is now 10 years old and a happy little boy without any worries about his eye, no one even recognizes the difference between his own eye and the prosthetic eye. This was all made possible with the wonderful work that Vida and her team does. I will recommend anybody with a prosthetic eye to visit Vida, she is the best of the best."

Patient 11

This young girl was born with congenital anophthalmos in the right socket. At three months a baby conformer was fitted in theatre to stretch the socket. Unfortunately she had to undergo several reconstructive procedures during the past eight years. After each procedure a custom-made conformer and eventually "eye" was made. She might need further reconstructive surgery in the future but her socket is much bigger and the prosthesis is more stable in the socket."