Patient 1

I lost my eye when I was two and a half years old through a freak accident with a garden spade.

I have been getting artificial eyes since then and the experience with Vida Trümpelmann was amazing.

The attention to detail and the care taken to get the eye looking as real as possible is the main concern. The staff are extremely professional as well as very down to earth thus making me feel very comfortable.

Listening to my concerns and my opinion with regards to the look and fit of the eye was always welcomed and encouraged, and anything that was relevant was actioned without questions.

I wish I had found them sooner as I would have had better looking and fitting eyes growing up!

Patient 2

I am 28 years old and was born with both eyes. Unfortunately for me I was involved in a car accident on the 25th December 2015.

The airbag defused and lacerated my right eye. When I got to the hospital, too much damage had already taken place. The doctors tried to help save my sight but it was too late. My eye started shrinking and I had to get used to not having an eye. I had started to stay indoors and stopped going out and being young and active because people had started to look at me and treat me differently. I didn’t want to go to work anymore. My daughter cried every time she looked at me. My confidence was slipping away slowly.

I went for my check up, and to my surprise my Doctor had already found a space for me at Vida Trumpelmann and told me that they are the best. I will be brand new and no one will notice that I lost my eye. I couldn’t believe it. All I could think was that it is not possible to have a prosthetic eye and not have people notice it.

When I came to Vida, I could believe it. When the work was done, my eye looked exactly the same as the other one. It moved and I could close it when I sleep. I couldn’t believe it. I stopped feeling sorry for myself. My kids were so excited. They could go out with mummy without worrying that other kids will ask what happened to your mummy. I’ve stopped wearing sunglasses inside the house at night when I have people over.

Thank you Vida for giving me back my confidence. I am grateful.



Pasient 3

Ek my my oog 4 jaar gelede op Groot Constantia seergemaak. Dit was baie pynlik en seer. Ek kon dit nie verdra nie. Ek was van dokter tot dokter. Niemand kon die probleem sien nie, totdat ek Groote Schuur benader het. Op die 30ste Maart 2014 was my oog verwyder. In 2015 die 20 - 21 Augustus het ek na Vida Trümpelmann gegaan vir die pas van 'n okulêre prostese. Die persoon wat my gesien het was niemand anders as die wonderbaarlike Danie Van der Linde. Danie het 'n baie goeie werk gedoen. Die gasvryheid van die Vida Trümpelmannspan was baie goed. Ek het 'n baie goeie ervaaring gehad terwyl hy my oog gemaak het. Ek het dit baie geniet om te sien hoe my oog voor my gemaak word. Ek raai enige persone aan wat 'n oog verloor het om na Danie Van der Linde te gaan sien. Hy doen uitstekende werk en hy motiveer jou ook deur die proses.

Die werk wat hy gedoen het, het my verlos van skaam wees en my donkerbril kon ek weer afhaal. Die resultaat wat ek gekry het, is baie identies soos my gesonde oog. Nou kan ek ook die wêreld met 2 oë aanskou. Ek wil net sê ; Danie gaan voort met die goeie werk wat U doen. Ek waardeer dit baie. Die Here sëen U. Sterkte vôrentoe.

Patient 7

Before and after shots of a patient who had an initial trauma injury as a young child, kept her damaged blind eye for years, until the pain was unbearable,  then had an evisceration and an implant inserted as an adult. Although there the upper sulcus depression is quite severe, modifications to the prosthesis allows for a more acceptable cosmetic result.

Backabuddy Funded 1

This youngster was born with a black eye and it ended up being a tumour.  On 16th June 2005 (3 months old), the eye literally burst.   She went to Red Cross hospital and had the eye enucleated.  She was initially fitted with a stock eye but as she grew the stock eye was not good enough. 

 She is now 8 years old and needed a custom made prosthesis.  Vida Trümpelmann told us about a parent and her fantastic fund raising campaign and we are extremely happy that she has such a wonderful result now.  I know, as her mother, it is making a world of difference to my daughter.

self- esteem.



Pasient 12

Ek is 42 jaar oud en het al 'n prostese vandat ek 6 jaar oud is. My oe het in al die jare nooit dieselfde gelyk nie (inteendeel, my linkeroog was meestal byna heeltemal toe, omdat die prostese nooit reg gepas het nie).

Ek het geleer om daarmee saam te leef en het maar altyd my hare effens oor my linkeroog gedra. 'n Paar jaar terug het ek van Vida Trumpelmann gehoor en alhoewel ek in Pretoria woonagtig is besluit om navraag te doen. Ek is met baie vriendelikheid byna onmiddellik gehelp en nie lank nie of ek was oppad Belville toe.

Groot was my verbasing toe ek my nuwe prostese pas. Dit was so presies nes die ander oog. My ooglid was nog effens toe, maar ek is geadviseer om 'n inplanting te oorweeg wat die oogkas sou verklein So ges^e so gedaan. Saam met die inplanting (wat in Pretoria gedoen is), moes toe weer 'n nuwe prostese gemaak word. Dis ook in Pretoria gedoen. Ek was nie baie tevrede nie, en het na 2 jaar besluit om Vida weer op te soek. Die resultate spreek vanself. Ek is so tevrede.

My oe lyk dieselfde en vir die eerste keer in 42 jaar  hoef ek nie meer my hare oor my gesig te dra nie. Dankie Vida Trumpelmann - jy't my 'n nuwe voorkoms gegee waarmee ek so tevrede is.